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TRULIFE Breast Form - Active Flow Triangle 630 (Swim & Sports)

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The newest concept in active-lifestyle breast form design!

It’s your perfect companion for all active and leisure activities such as yoga, gardening, exercise classes, and jogging. Activeflow Swimform is made from a thin layer of vented foam and lightweight monoprene beads and moulded with fast drying spacer fabric.

  • Lightweight monoprene beads do not absorb water and dry quickly and will conform to your body while sunbathing
  • The beads move and flatten when lying down, giving a natural and flattering profile. 
  • Molded with fast-dry spacer fabric
  • Water resistant satin draw string bag can be used to carry damp items or wet swimsuit

Activeflow will definitely give you a natural shape in and out of the water. 

Available in sizes 1-14.